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Mayur Caterer & Event Management offers a full spectrum of Catering & Event management services that consistently deliver highly targeted effective solutions personalized to the needs of your events.

Our team is backed by a group of professionals from various background that leverages on their industry experience and proven business solutions to design event components that specifically ties in with our client’s key requirements.

Our team has always been led with a passion for staying at the forefront of the experiences that we create, not only engages the audience but endure long after the curtains have come down.

As affirmation of our determination to become the Popular Event Specialist, Mayur Caterer & Event Management has committed to provide a broad base of clientele ranging from Royal Weddings to Birthday Celebration, Specialized in Bengali Recipes , North Indian Recipes , South Indian Dishes. With our aim for modern best practices and local industry intelligence, we are committed to play a pro-active role in global standards, related associations and affiliations enabling us to provide consistent quality, manage risks and produce results with greater efficiency in whatever we do.


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Each event is special for us and is created with glamour , matchless ideas and passion. our only mission and vision is to create something overjoyed and execute it with rightness. Delivering the best in each and every event and satisfying the client to the fullest is our final object.



We, Mayur Caterer & Event Management work with an energetic and creative team to build your event with great accent by understanding your requirements and the output you require from an event. For Marriage Ceremony events we try to understand your guest. For social events or entertainment events, that includes celebrities, music and movies we usually create concepts keeping the demands of the listeners in mind. For this motive, when we work with our customers, we create the concepts looking at a bigger image and not just one event.

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Experienced and talented hindu chef skilled in the preparation and serving of Indian foods. Adhering to standards in cooking capable of giving every meal an exciting and unique spin that always impresses.

SUMAN Asst. Chef

Provided assistance to Senior Chef to attain budgeted food prices allocated by management. Ensured all dishes were cooked and plated keeping up with highest quality standards. Responded to food related complaints effectually.


Traditional Indian Chef with creative flare. Well-versed in crafting a full spectrum of favorite Indian dishes. Experience in higher-end Indian foods, in catering Indian cuisine and at popular Indian buffets.

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